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BURNING THROUGH LIFE: ONE I DON’T CARE AT A TIME  (A REBUTTAL) Up till I was 21, my favourite saying was ‘I don’t care what people think about me’, but then I learnt better thanks to the wise people I surrounded myself with. I grew up knowing that your worth …

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My Stingy Mother

My Stingy Mother When people in our face me I face house you got their salaries at the end of each month, they treated themselves to a meal at the Tantalizers at our junction. This was the early 2000s and they had just opened a Tantalizers opposite the University of …

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8 and 14

                                                                                       8 and 14 The first time I saw an abandoned baby, to say I was horrified at the sight of pigs feasting on the mud covered-flesh of the …

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The Path I Chose

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The Path I Chose   The path I chose is hard I am constantly reminded of that By the dark circles under my eyes By the weary smile on my face By the tired strides of my feet By the teary nights I have By the little money in my …

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My Only Girl Life

As an only girl in a Yoruba Baptist family, I’ve had to fight for the little freedom I have. Sometimes it feels like my parents don’t want me to grow up and make independent decisions and at the same time they want me to be grown and mature. Its an …

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My Love Affair With Books

My love affair with books started because of my family. As a child growing up in a face me I face you with parents that had to work till 5pm the instructions were simple: When you get back from school eat your food, watch BCOS (IB fam can relate) and do not go outside for any reason. Now if you know Ibadan, we never had good stations so I was always bored to death. Then books came to my rescue. I read everything I could lay my hands, from magazines to my book of bible stories to newspapers.

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