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BBNaija 2019: Gedoni and Jackye evicted from the house

It is yet another Sunday and what this means for the housemates of BBNaija 2019 is that some of them have to go home. For this reason, fans of the reality show watch out in apprehension for which of their favourite nominated housemates will go home and which will be allowed to continue the quest for N60 million.

Well, Ebuka recently announced that Gedoni and Jackye have been evicted. The duo has become the eleventh and twelfth housemates to leave the house. Since last week, Biggie changed the process of determining who gets nominated for possible eviction.

Unlike the past times when housemates got to nominate those they wanted out of the house, nominations are now team-based. Hence, the housemates were divided into two teams – Cruisetopia and Icon – and made to compete in nomination challenge whereby the members of the team that loses will be up for possible eviction.

This week, after losing the nomination challenge, team Cruisetopia, comprising of Mike, Jackye, Seyi, Diane, Gedoni and Mercy, were put up for possible eviction.

However, Elozonam who had the veto power replaced Venita, a Cruisetopia team member, and put up Frodd for eviction. Hence, Frodd became part of the others who were up for possible eviction this Sunday.

Ebuka, the host of the show, has now come out to announce that Gedoni and Jackye have been evicted from the BBNaija house. After spending a number of memorable weeks in the house, the duo have been sent packing from the house.

Upon his eviction, Gedoni went down on his knees in gratitude. He appears to be relieved by the news that he has been evicted from the house. Khafi, the housemate who was his love interest in the reality show, hugged him passionately before he left the house.


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