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5 Lipstick Shapes And What They Say About You

One of the funny but true facts in this 21st century is that you can tell a lady’s personality by the shape of her lipstick. There’s no luxury of time to argue this but if you insist I can as well make you understand that lipstick is one of the most intimate accessories a lady can have. The purpose is so vital that it has the power of transforming a lady’s look in a split second. Are you seeing how it leads to deducing a lady’s personality or not?

The same way that a certain hue of lipstick can transform a lady’s look is how she uses it can determine her personality. As your choice of lipstick colour says a lot about you even without speaking, the shape that is left of how you apply it says a lot more about you too.


Let’s see:


Pointed Tip

Pointed Tip Lipstick


Shows the simplest iota of an ambitious lady. How do you see the shape? Directional, focused and unaltered shape of the lipstick (especially if it’s red) speaks of a lady who would go after anything she desires without stopping for anything/anyone. She may be seen as being extra, but it’s just her in her realest self who wants to rise above average. She is not your regular chic because she is the centre of attraction. She is happy and full of live.

Note that; an extremely sharp pointed tip suggests a mean lady.



C-curved Lipsticl


This is for a creative and friendly sissy, one with alloy of personalities and can be anything at any time. She is loyal, goes with the flow if she enjoys it and capable of pulling crowd too. She is the type to stick out her neck for you. This lady has a vast sense of imagination because she is a full time dreamer.


Flat Surface

Flat Top Lipstick



As level – headed and dependable she may seem, know it in the corner of your mind that she lives for breaking rules. She has a little rebel in her, you would be surprised how ready she is to take that crazy risk you are thinking twice about. She is fearless and ready to give in to new adventures.


Rounded Tip

Rounded Tip Lipstick


You can trust she is an orderly lady. She is the organized type who puts thing back in their exact place. She possesses a laid back persona, she is not in any way uptight if you understand her. She is capable of hosting friends for dinner, she is warm and welcoming.


Broken Stick

Broken Lipstick


You would almost call her names because she is too opinionated. Truth be told, she is a bit of trouble so you know better not to get too comfortable with her utterly friendly side. She is the fun loving girl ready to party whenever you call. Don’t forget, she is trouble in a handy pack.

So which of the lipstick shapes is yours?

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