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SEE 5 Important Things To Do When Your Car Brakes Fail

It is very necessary to be ready for any eventualities that may occur while driving.
In order to ensure safety we did a research and found out that a good percentage of road accidents are caused by human error while others are caused by mechanical faults in the car. One of such mechanical faults is brake failure and so we will dwell on things to do when your car brakes fail.


Your immediate reaction to a faulty brake will be to panic nut this in the actual sense is a recipe for disaster. When your brakes fail, remembering to stay calm will help you carry out the other actions which will be explained below in order to help you stay alive after the incident.


After you have calmed yourself down, the next step is to turn on your hazard lights on. Your hazard lights are turned on by pressing the button that has a triangle with an exclamation mark on it. It’s usually on the dashboard. This action will inform the cars ahead of you, those behind you and those potentially all around you that you are experiencing some vehicular difficulty. What this does is to make them give you some extra space so you can maneuver if need be and bring your car to a stop when your brakes fail.


The next thing to do is to move your car to a lower gear. If you drive a manual car, it easier to shift gears. All you have to do is step on the clutch, shift to a lower gear and release the clutch this will help to slow your car down. This deceleration makes the engine lose some speed thereby giving room for a safer stop. If you are using an automatic car, there are several options available. You could either use the gear to shift down or you could use the pedal shift on the steering wheel.
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