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8 Subtle Ways To Love Your Life Even On Bad Days

Life has its fair share of ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love it through the good and bad. Here are some tried and true ways to love your life, even on the worst day ever:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Learning not to compare yourself to others is advice you can take to heart, especially in a world where social media is such a big part of our lives. Comparison is the thief of joy. Just remember that you’re on your own path and someone else’s successes do not limit yours. So go after your dreams, work hard, live a life you’re proud of and turn off your phone for a bit.

2. Be grateful

Instead of waiting around for Thanksgiving, live a life of thanks all year long! Each day, write down three things you’re grateful for. Even when life seems like it’s falling apart (like on days when your kids won’t sleep or they tell you they hate you), there’s always a light in the darkness. Counting those blessings will help you through the hardest times and make you realize how blessed your life truly is.

3. Live in the present

It’s fun to look at the past and it helps to plan for the future – but a lot of times we forget to live in the now. It’s easy to get stressed about what the next step in life is but when you keep stressing to a minimum, you free yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures. You only live once, so live each day like it’s your last.

4. Serve someone every day

Having a good day? Pay it forward. Having a bad day? Help someone have a good one. People are happiest when they stop focusing on themselves and focus on others. So stop by a soup kitchen, become a regular volunteer at a nursing home, help someone carry their bags to their car. Your life will be so much better because of it!

5. Surround yourself with positive people

The people in your life can have an impact on you for better or worse. So surround yourself with positive people you enjoy hanging out with, and chances are, you’ll be positive – and happy – as well.

6. Laugh it off

Laughing is one of the most important things to remember – especially on those bad days. If you can learn to laugh in the face of adversity, my friend, you can do anything.

7. Learn something new

Dedicate yourself to a life of learning. After all, knowledge is power. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try out? Stop saying you’ll do it “one day” and start doing it now! Sign up for guitar lessons, learn photography, make a craft on Pinterest. You’ll have a lot of fun and may end up with a newfound skill. Just remember to be patient with yourself

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