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Ladies, Here Are 7 Signs You Are Just An Option To Him

Check out these clues that you might be someone’s option, instead of their equal priority, to see if any match up with your situation.

1. You don’t have the “girlfriend” title.

2. You’re always the one making dates, not him.

3. You hear a lot of “I” but not a lot of “we.”

4. When big news happens to him, good or bad, you find out way later.

5. Your vote doesn’t count for much.

6. He returns calls/texts in an untimely fashion.

7. He makes weekend/vacation plans without considering you.

You deserve to be someone’s priority, plain and simple. If you find that you have lessened yourself to someone’s option, you need to look within. After all, if you aren’t making YOU your own priority, why should someone else?

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