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Beware! 3 Early Signs Of Diabetes You Should NEVER Ignore!

Although, there are known medications to treat diabetes, the cure has not yet been discovered.

However, the earlier the signs and symptoms are discovered, the better are the outcomes of the treatment.

Here is how to recognize features of diabetes mellitus in its early stages;

1. Dry Mouth and Increased Thirst

You notice thirst whenever you eat large amount of sweets. This is because of increased glucose level in the blood, and it is quite normal. In diabetic patients, glucose blood level is constantly increased, so they feel thirsty all the time and often have dry mouth.

2. Hunger

You may feel hungrier, eat more, and lose weight at the same time. Combination of these features adds to a possibility of having diabetes.

3. Common Infections

If you often get genital or urinary infections for no reason or if you notice delayed wound healing and infections on the skin, you may want to assess the possibility having of diabetes. Poor wound healing and unusual infections are common in both advanced and beginning phase of diabetes.

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