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Let me teach you how to show love to your guy [MUST READ FOR ALL LADIES]

Some of you ladies do not know how to show love to the guy you are dating. Some ladies think that the only way to show a guy love is by having sex with him; that is why some ladies do not have anything to offer a guy except s*x. When guys sometimes buy gifts ? for their girlfriend,” I’ll pay you back this night by giving you hot s*x. It’s very funny.

S*x is not a proof of love. Don’t use sex to proof that you love a guy. As a lady,you can proof that you love a guy in the following ways;

1. Buy gifts for him. You can give him gifts of t.shirts, shoes,undies,singlet or even a phone ? if you have the money.
2. Take him out for lunch and pay his bills at least once in 2 months. It’s not bad at all.
3. Send him some love text messages occasionally.
4. Give him phone calls at least once daily,ask him how he’s doing and tell him that you love him.
5. Occasionally you can cook a delicious meal for him at least once in 2 weeks but not everyday like a housewife.
6. You can also help him financially when he’s broke.
7. Take him out for shopping at least once in year,you will not die.
8. Pray for him.
9. Advise him.
10. Help him to build a bright future. I know some ladies will crucify me for this post but this is the ideal thing to do for your man not S*x,s*x,s*x.

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