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These Natural Foods Will Help You Look 10 Years Younger

Below you can see a rice based recipe for preparation of the anti-wrinkle mask that is going to give you smooth and glowing skin.


• 3 tablespoons of rice • A tablespoon of milk • One tablespoon of honey


When your rice is boiled, you need to strain it and separate the water where the rice boiled. Add one spoon of the heated milk in the rice and mix them well. At the end you can add the honey.


First you need to clean your face thoroughly and then apply the mask on dry skin. Leave it to act for a while, until it’s totally dry. Then, you can remove the mask and wash your face with the rice water. The rice water acts as a skin moisturizer that can improve the circulation, prevent aging spots and reduce any inflammation. The healing properties of the rice water are going to give you pure and well-nourished skin. It also has some mild sun protective effects. In order to obtain optimal results, repeat the procedure once a week. Your face is going to look ten years younger.
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