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Checkout 2018 Top 10 Biggest Earners, Sport Teams And Players

According to the Forbes players list of top earners in 2018, the top ten players in the world of sport made a combined staggering sum of $1.06billion, with the Retired boxer “Money” Floyd Mayweather topping the list with a mouthwatering income of $285million.
The 41year old boxer, displaced Juventus superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, after making most of his earnings from last year fight with Conor McGregor, which made him the best athlete for the fouth time in seven years. In second place is the football wizard, Luis Lionel Messi. The Argentina and Barcelona Captain is the highest earner in the footballing world with a total sum of $111million, having signed a contract extension in November 2017 that worth a take home of $84million in salary and winning bonuses, with another $27million in endorsement deals. While in third position is the former Real Madrid forward Cristaino Ronaldo, with a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike that worth in excess of $1billion, he made $61million in salary and winning alone and $47million in endorsement deal annually.
The top ten includes the following;
1. Floyd Mayweather $285million – Boxing 2. Lionel Messi $111million – Football 3. Cristiano Ronaldo $108million – Football 4. Conor McGregor $99million – Boxing/UFC 5. Neymar Jnr. $90million – Football 6. LeBron James $85.5million – NBA 7. Roger Federer $77.2million – Tennis 8. Stephen Curry $76.9million – NBA 9. Mattt Ryan $67.3million – NFL 10. Matthew Stafford $59.5million – NFL
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